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Meet Phillip Rodgers
Meet Phillip Rodgers

One of the signs of an effective administrator is that they are asked by other administrators to share their expertise…as a consultant. This is the role that originally brought Phillip to PSU in 2006. Now that he's a Viking, Phillip has put his broad experience to good use streamlining and improving the operations of the Office of Student Financial Aid, in fact PSU is automating their financial aid operations faster than any other Oregon university.

On any given work day you are as likely to find Phillip helping students at the front desk as you are to find him hard at work at his own desk; the reason for this? Phillip believes that a Financial Aid Department must be both "Student Centered and Student Driven" and what better way to keep it that way then to have the Director spending some time each week providing direct service to students.

It is his desire to "pitch in" that drew Phillip to PSU in the first place. Most of the other institutions Phillip has consulted for were fixed and "intractable, but PSU is alive and growing." This institutional energy inspires Phillip and dovetails well with his own personal style of "hand's on" management. According to Phillip Rogers, "if I need to tell you I'm the Financial Aid Director- I'm not a very good Director…show by action not simply words"


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Phone: (503) 725-5442
Fax: (503) 725-5965
Office: NH 189