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Meet Kathryn Johnson
Meet Kathryn Johnson

Kathryn Johnston is a MA TESOL graduate student in the Department of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University. Kathryn is currently finishing up her first year of teaching English in China with the Peace Corps Masters International program. 

Kathryn was drawn to the MA TESOL program after completing her undergraduate degree in Applied Linguistics at PSU and learning of the partnership with the Peace Corps.  The partnership has given her experience working internationally in the field of English as a Second Language and helped her develop as a teacher and holistically.  Kathryn believes this opportunity has, "given me a chance to practice everything I've learned in the first year of the program, build skills as a teacher and figure out projects that not only work well for your community, but also work for you...I'm happy I'll have the second year of the program to reflect back on how I've grown."  In addition to teaching English, she developed the English Eco Club, Ladies' Discussion Group, Cooking Club, Western Culture nights, and co-supervises/facilitates the English Resource Room and its daily activities.

After completing her MA TESOL, Kathryn wants to work with refugee resettlement, work she enjoyed prior to starting the Peace Corps, and continue working with university-level English language learners.