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Meet Galina Kogan - Russian
Meet Galina Kogan - Russian

Galina Kogan (1996) M.A.
Senior Instructor of Russian. M.A. 1972
Kiev State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages (Ukraine).

Galina Kogan received her MA in Teaching Spanish and English at the Kiev Institute of Foreign Languages. She has taught numerous courses in Spanish and ESL ever since she arrived from her native Ukraine. At PSU she has been teaching First, Second and Third Year courses and courses for native Russian speakers and advanced learners of Russian. They include Poetry of the 20th Century, Poetry and Music of the Bards, and Russian Literature in Immigration. She is very active in the Russian community and participates in organizing and preparing workshops for the annual Russian Youth Leadership Conference. Currently she is on Advisory Board of the Friends of Russian Culture at PSU. She is also a member of COFLT (Coalition of Oregon Foreign Language Teachers).

Contact Information:
Phone: 503-725-9577