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Meet Becky Einolf, undergraduate career advisor
Meet Becky Einolf, undergraduate career advisor

Becky originally joined the School of Business as a lecturer and now manages career services for business students here at PSU. With nearly a decade of experience in finance, Becky is knowledgeable about what it takes to jumpstart a career. Here's more about Becky...

What brought you to PSU and how long have you been a SBA advisor?

I began working at PSU in the fall of 1999 teaching business finance. I was recruited the following year to begin managing the Business Internship Program. I've been working as a career advisor in some capacity ever since.

Where did you attend college and what did you study?

I earned by Bachelor of Arts in German from Johns Hopkins in 1984, an MBA in Finance from Florida State University in 1986 and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from PSU in 2013.

What's your favorite thing about PSU's School of Business?

I love working with students and helping them to master the tools they need to succeed. My favorite thing is when they finally really "get" something they've not understood before and you can literally see the light bulb go on inside their heads.

What’s your best advice for students to make the most of their SBA student experience?

Don't go to school with blinders on: Pay attention to the world and the people around you and become involved. Your classmates will become your professional peers. Your faculty and advisors can be a great resource. Talk to them. It's not just about passing tests. It's about developing a solid base of skills and knowledge and making connections that will help you get to the next step.

What should students expect in an advising appointment and how should they prepare?

As a career counselor, what you can expect in a meeting depends on what sort of help you are seeking. The majority of my appointments with students include a resume review, but you can also set up an appointment to do a practice interview. I can also help you with cover letters, job search strategy and internships, including the paperwork for earning academic credit for your internship. If you want to make the most of your appointment time, you can help me prepare for meeting with you by emailing me the resume and/or cover letter you want me to review a day or two in advance of your appointment. A resume can also help me prepare for giving a mock interview or even talking about potential career paths.

What do you like to do when you’re not advising students?

Cocooning with friends and family, traveling, listening to music, reading books and enjoying art.


Make an appointment with your academic advisor at least once every other term. You will need to reserve a time a few weeks in advance. Be sure you are on track to graduate and learn about academic opportunities you may not have considered. Students who meet regularly with advisors are more likely to graduate on time and avoid problems with course availability.

Stop by the Undergraduate Programs Office at Room 240 or call 503-725-3712 to make an appointment.

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