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Meet Anni Marie Evanoff
Meet Anni Marie Evanoff


Annie Marie Burger is the Infrastructure and Operations Team Manager. Anni leads the team responsible for management of the PSU data center, central storage area network, the data protection system, network load balancing, and server operations call center. She is extremely proud of her bright and busy team as well as all the excellent work they do. She values education and takes pleasure in making PSU more efficient. Anni embraces new technologies and enjoys solving problems, even so much that she delights in helping people recover from data disasters.

She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Montana and is a licensed pilot for Single Engine Aircraft. She is fascinated by GIS mapping and is working on finishing her GIS certificate at PSU. Anni's worked for PSU since April of 2006, and before that worked at the State of Oregon Department of Justice as a desktop administrator for two years.

Anni adores the working life in downtown Portland, and loves to run around in the West Hills during breaks. She has a beautiful home and a wonderful family in the Roseway Neighborhood.


Contact Annie Marie Evanoff 

Phone: (503) 725-3294
Office: FAB 90