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Meet Anjan Parajuli
Meet Anjan Parajuli

Anjan Parajuli, 2004-2005 Maseeh Fellow and 2006-2007 Maseeh Fellow

After graduating from Nepal Engineering College, in Kathmandu, Nepal with a bachelor's in Civil Engineering and working as a site engineer for a local consulting firm, Anjan Parajuli set out to look for the best place to study water resources. He came across the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at PSU's Maseeh College, received a helpful and friendly response, and moved to Portland to begin his graduate studies. Initially, his goal was to receive a master's degree, but Chair and Professor Scott Wells and Professor Gwynn Johnson inspired him to go for his Ph.D.

Anjan now works with advisor Professor Gwynn Johnson on groundwater contaminate transport. "I've always liked groundwater transport phenomena." says Anjan. "The research I am assisting with is much needed in Nepal, and I hope to eventually take this knowledge back home and make a difference."

Before Anjan received the Maseeh Fellowship, it was necessary for him to work to finance his education. He had a hard time focusing on his studies. With the financial support of the Fellowship, he's able to devote more time to research without worrying about anything else.

When not studying, Anjan refers to himself as a "big sports fan" and enjoys attending and watching sports events.

As of December 2005, Anjan reports that he is close to finishing his coursework for the Ph.D. program and will soon take his comprehensive exams.