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Engineers Without Borders
Engineers Without Borders

Engineering Students Building a Better World, One Community at a Time

Each year the PSU student chapter of Engineers Without Borders designs a project or projects to help improve the quality of life in developing communities. Each project the students work on requires a professional mentor either from the Professional Engineers without Borders Chapter or a licensed Professional Engineer from the greater Portland community.

EWB-USA PSU's international work focuses primarily in Central America, with several projects in Nicaragua and a new project in Ecuador. After many years of work in Nicaragua, specifically in the region of Carazo, we have nurtured important relationships among our partners and sponsors, various in-country government organizations, and many local contacts whose contributions have been invaluable to our success.

We work with local governments and community leaders to identify problems we can address. After extensive assessment and data collection, we work with professional mentors and faculty advisors to design an effective yet simple engineering solution, which we then propose to the community and government. When stakeholders have agreed on a solution, EWB-USA PSU works to raise the funding necessary to build the project and supervises its implementation.

Aside from our international work, we also work locally to educate and spread awareness on issues of international development and sustainability. We hold general meetings once a term and often feature a guest speaker or media presentation on topics related to our core work. Throughout the term, project teams and officers meet to either design, research, and/or organize depending on what phase each project is on. Also, throughout the year we sponsor fundraising events designed to promote our core values.

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