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Emily Saxton, MST
Emily Saxton, MST


Position: Research Associate & Director of Research and Assessment, Portland Metro STEM Partnership
Phone: 503-725-3190
Office Location and Hours: First Avenue Building FAB-175 room 13, Office Hours by Appointment Only



Ms. Saxton is a Research Associate in the Center for Science Education and the Director of Research and Assessment of the Portland Metro STEM Partnership (PMSP). She led the conceptualization and design of the STEM Common Measurement System for the PMSP and continues to lead the development and refinement of the measurement instruments in the system. The STEM Common Measurement System serves an important role in of shifting focus from individual program impact and summative data to an emphasis on formative data designed for optimize learning environments, promote change, and increase learning among collaborators. She also teaches the MST Seminar and advises MST students on their Masters research projects. Her primary areas of research interest lie in assessment instrument development and validation and professional development evaluation.



Saxton, E., Burns, R., Holveck, S., Kelley, S., Prince, D., Rigelman, N., & Skinner, E. (In press). A Common Measurement System for K-12 STEM Education: adopting an educational evaluation methodology that elevates theoretical foundations and systems thinking. Studies in Educational Evaluation.


Saxton, E., Belanger, S. & Becker, W. (2012). The Critical Thinking Analytic Rubric (CTAR): Investigating intra-rater and inter-rater reliability of a scoring mechanism for critical thinking performance assessments. Assessing Writing, 17, 251-270.


Presentations at Professional Meetings

Saxton, E. (2013, October). Common Outcomes for Student Success in STEM. Presentation at an Area Conference of the National Science Teachers Association, Portland, OR.

Saxton, E. & Rigelman, N. (2013, September). Connect2MATH-Connect2SCIENCE: Using a nested PLC model to explore the integration of Mathematics and Science under the new national standards. Presentation at the National Math and Science Partnership Conference, Washington, D.C.

Saxton, E., Hawkins, B., Kelley, S., & Skinner, E. (2012, April). Office of Research and Assessment: Common Measures. Breakout session presentation at the Portland Metro STEM Partnership's STEMposium, Hillsboro, OR.

Saxton, E. & Lapotin, N. (2011, June). Performance-based engineering design student work samples: teacher analysis and calibration discussions of real student work. Presentation at the America Society for Engineering Education’s Annual Workshop on K-12 Education, Vancouver, BC.

Johnston, T., Saxton, E., Rigelman, N. & Becker, W. (2011, March). Meaningful programming using participant need to integrate math and science. Poster presented at the Math and Science Partnership Program: Regional Conference, San Francisco, CA.