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Diane Coward
Diane Coward



Administrative Services Manager


I have a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley.  I have also graduated from the National Service Leadership Institute program for non-profit leaders and have mentored other non-profit leaders as part of the program. I am on the Neighborhood Economic Development Leadership Committee for the Portland Development Commission to help ensure equity goals are adhered to in the 5 year plan.

PSU History

I was first the interim Operations Manager (a temp position) and now the Administrative Services Manager.

Professional Focus

I am a first generation college student, was a minority woman in a mostly male profession and have experienced discrimination and oppression through out my work career.  I really connect with the schools mission and how it is trying to change the world.

Personal Interests

I love swimming, hiking and nature (especially huge vistas), historic architecture and ancient cultures.  I play the guitar, love going to the symphony, the theater, and traveling.  I am also a foodie.  I also love my dogs and doing interior design.