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Dan Ward
Dan Ward

Dan began work at Campus Rec in Fall 2012, but his work within the University began long before that.

Starting as a Student Worker at SHAC in Fall 2004, he eventually was hired full-time at Cashiers, and then Admissions, before finally joining the Few, the Proud, the C-Rec'ers!  Currently, he works as the Accounting Tech in Business Operations at Campus Rec.  Basically, any Departmental cash flow streams across his hallowed (yet noisy) desk at some point.

Having worked at four different Departments during his tenure at Portland State University, he loves Campus Rec's dedication to sustainability, as well as the dedication invested in their employees and patrons.  He also greatly values the attitudes and engagement of his fellow staff, making what might otherwise be an impossible job fun!

Outside of work, Dan enjoys music, movies, and microcode.  He's been known to ingest books by the weekends, loves to cook, and always brakes for cats.  And you can have the karaoke mic back when you pry it from his cold, dead hands.