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Christopher Mooers
Christopher Mooers

Research Professor


Dr. Mooers' research interests include ocean prediction science, coastal ocean circulation dynamics, circulation of marginal and semi-enclosed seas, and mesoscale oceanography; regional circulation models; interface between models and observations: model-data comparisons, data assimilation, and nowcast-forecast experiments; shelfbreak processes. During the 1970s, he participated in the Coastal Upwelling Ecosystem Analysis (CUEA) Program; during the 1980s, he was a co-leader of the Ocean Prediction Through Observations, Modeling, and Analysis (OPTOMA) Program; during the 1990s, he initiated the Coastal Ocean Prediction Systems (COPS) Program; and during the 2000s, he is one of the founders of the Southeast Atlantic-Coastal Ocean Observing System (SEA-COOS) Program.

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