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Business Intelligence & The DataMASTER Project
Business Intelligence & The DataMASTER Project

The time has come for PSU to say goodbye to BIQuery and hello to DataMASTER. As covered in previous editions of the OIT Newsletter, DataMASTER is PSU’s new data warehouse solution for reporting on data aggregated from Banner. The DataMASTER Steering Committee has set December 21, 2012 as the retirement date for the BI Hummingbird tool. Starting January 2nd, 2013, the PSU community will run all warehouse reports & queries using DataMASTER warehouses. 

The DataMASTER project consists of stages: a Financial Focus (started November 2011), Human Resources Focus (started March 2012), Enrollment Management & Student Affair Focus (started May 2012) and an Office of Academic Affairs Deans & Departments Focus that begins Summer 2012. 

Our goal is to have most of the heavily utilized campus BIQuery reports converted to DataMASTER by Summer 2012. The DataMASTER Steering Committee has published a DataMASTER Report Catalog for users to browse published reports and track the Committee’s progress. Please note that the reports are sorted into categories by tabs located at the bottom of the spreadsheet. 

Can’t find a particular report? 

While it is a work in progress, we do welcome your feedback! Please send an email to with the name of “canned” BIQueries you would like to see migrated. Alternatively, to migrate custom-built queries, please send us the query title and a electronic copy of a page of the report (screen print, print to *.pdf, Excel, etc.). 

Ready to run a report in DataMASTER? 

Login to with your Odin ID and password. Please note that there are three access levels, with some reports requiring approval prior to viewing as indicated. 

Campus Access: 

Summarized data with no personally identifiable information; for PSU employees with Odin ID and password. 

General Access:

Detailed reports that may include personally identifiable employee information. Request access via the Banweb eBAR Access form, “DataMASTER” tab, “General” checkbox. 

Student Access:

Detailed reports that include student information (ie. names, grades). Request access via the Banweb eBAR Access form, “DataMASTER” tab, “Student” checkbox. 

Need more assistance? 

OIT is offering multiple sessions of “Intro to DataMASTER Reports”. Register for one today or contact BI Solutions Support:

What’s next? 

Data aggregated from Banner is just the start! The Committee plans to include other enterprise systems on campus. 

Stay informed! Join the DataMASTER Google Group or visit the OIT DataMASTER site

-By Ellen Weeks (DataMASTER Project Manger)