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Advising & Career Services Student Employees Advising & Career Services Student Employees
Undergraduate Student
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Meet Courtney Rousseau Meet Courtney Rousseau
Courtney, an Academic and Career Adviser, takes a holistic approach when helping students identify their goals and articulate their strengths. She is also our resident StrengthsQuest enthusiast committed to developing the natural talents of all ACS Staff and Student Employees.
Faculty Member
Sustainability Internship Alumni Profile: Robert Nathan ’10 Sustainability Internship Alumni Profile: Robert Nathan ’10
With a passion for both the preserving the environment and engaging with people, Robert Nathan navigated a student internship and a graduate assistantship while pursuing his master’s degree in education—experiences that prepared him for success in his current career.
Meet Heidi Yu Meet Heidi Yu
Heidi, an Academic & Career Adviser, enjoys helping students to see their strengths and potential, connecting them to information and resources, and facilitating their own academic, career, and overall personal development.
Faculty Member
Meet Brandy Elizabeth Bell Meet Brandy Elizabeth Bell
Brandy is the Office Manager at Advising & Career Services where she enjoys helping students connect with professionals.
Staff Member
Meet Ann Mestrovich Meet Ann Mestrovich
Ann works as a liaison between PSU and the employer community, identifying internship and job opportunities for students.
Faculty Member
Meet Annie Thompson Meet Annie Thompson
Academic & Career Adviser for Advising & Career Services
Faculty Member
Meet Jeanne Ellis Meet Jeanne Ellis
Jeanne, Internship Adviser for Advising & Career Services, facilitates connections for students, faculty, and community partners.
Faculty Member
Meet Greg Flores Meet Greg Flores
Associate Director of Advising & Career Services
Faculty Member
Meet Mary Vance Meet Mary Vance
Mary, a Career Counselor for Advising & Career Services, helps students turn their passion for sustainability into a career.
Faculty Member
Meet PSU Retiree Terri Bennett Meet PSU Retiree Terri Bennett
Terri was the Employer Relations Assistant for Advising & Career Services Portland State for 26 years and loved working with students and employers.
Staff Member
Meet Louise Paradis Meet Louise Paradis
Louise, a Career Counselor in Advising & Career Services, works with personality type dynamics and teaches a variety of career related workshops.
Faculty Member
Meet Regina Arellano Meet Regina Arellano
Regina helps students navigate the complexities of transfering to Portland State.
Faculty Member
Meet Becki Hunt Ingersoll Meet Becki Hunt Ingersoll
Becki Hunt Ingersoll, Associate Director of Advising & Career Services, enjoys helping students navigate their way to their degree.
Faculty Member
Meet Karen Kennedy Meet Karen Kennedy
Karen, an Academic Adviser & International Student Liaison in Advising & Career Services, is a world traveler who enjoys working with students from many different cultures and with many different backgrounds.
Faculty Member
Meet Mary Ann Barham Meet Mary Ann Barham
Mary Ann, Director of Advising & Career Services, loves working at PSU because of the committed staff and faculty, the diversity of the student population, and the fabulous urban location.
Faculty Member
Meet Leena Shrestha Meet Leena Shrestha
Leena, Academic and Career Adviser in Advising & Career Services, loves reading and helping students achieve their academic goals. She is the resident merit-based scholarships whiz!
Faculty Member