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Shanice Clarke Shanice Clarke
Staff Member
Set to graduate in four years or less Set to graduate in four years or less
At just 19, Portland-native Jose Lopez Delgado is already a junior and well on his way to graduating from the School of Business Administration as part of the University’s innovative Four-Year Degree Guarantee Program.
Undergraduate Student
Dr. Miriam Abelson Dr. Miriam Abelson
Assistant Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Ph.D., University of Oregon, 2014
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Roberto de Anda Meet Professor Roberto de Anda
Roberto de Anda is Professor and Director of the Chicano/Latino Studies Program and a member of the SGRN Executive Committee
Faculty Member
Meet Dr. Sally McWilliams Meet Dr. Sally McWilliams
Chair & Professor, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Department, SGRN Executive Committee member
Faculty Member
Welcome School of Gender, Race and Nations interim Director Dr. Samuel Henry Welcome School of Gender, Race and Nations interim Director Dr. Samuel Henry
Please join the Executive Committee of the School of Gender, Race and Nations in welcoming Prof. Samuel D. Henry, who has accepted the interim Director position within the SGRN for the 2015/16 school year. Prof. Henry brings both his administrative and academic expertise to the SGRN from his many years of diverse experience at PSU. Since 1992, Dr. Henry has been an Associate Professor within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the Graduate School of Education; he is also affiliated faculty in the Department of Black Studies. He served as the Doctoral Program Coordinator for the School of Education from 2007-2010, as well as the chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Additionally, his recently published academic work demonstrates a deep commitment to social justice, equity in higher education and community outreach and civic leadership. We are very pleased to have his knowledge of PSU and vested interest in the mission of the SGRN to guide the school through its first year.
Faculty Member
Meet Pedro Torres Meet Pedro Torres
Program Coordinator, La Casa Latina Student Center
Staff Member
Lamarra Haynes Lamarra Haynes
In 2011, Lamarra Haynes was crowned Portland’s Rose Festival Queen. She didn’t know it then, but this award and her presence on television would be the door to her future.
Undergraduate Student
Pam Campos-Palma '14 Pam Campos-Palma '14
Fearless Inspiration
Eddie Ramirez '14 Eddie Ramirez '14
Fearless Achiever
Meet Professor Michele R. Gamburd Meet Professor Michele R. Gamburd
Dr. Michele Gamburd is Professor and Chair of Anthropology.
Faculty Member
Local Government Diversity Initiatives in Oregon: An Exploratory Study Local Government Diversity Initiatives in Oregon: An Exploratory Study
Authored by: Nishishiba, Masami. This study catalogues types of diversity activities conducted by local governments and identifies key factors in the development and successful implementation of diversity initiatives.
NASCC 10 Year Anniversary Recap
Alma M. O. Trinidad Alma M. O. Trinidad
Change Agent - Transforming communities, one student at a time
Faculty Member
Kofi "E" Agorsah Kofi "E" Agorsah
African Roots - Understanding the black experience
Faculty Member
Lisa Bates Lisa Bates
Fair Housing - Understanding history, culture, and policy
Faculty Member
Desiree Pacheco Desiree Pacheco
Rules of the Game - Changing "business as usual"
Faculty Member
Christine Cress Christine Cress
Classroom Community - Grasping opportunities for life-long learning
Faculty Member
Laurie Powers Laurie Powers
Self Determined Success - Helping people with disabilities chart their lives
Faculty Member
Berrin Erdogan Berrin Erdogan
Global Satisfaction - Helping managers lead an international workforce
Faculty Member
Kristi Yuthas Kristi Yuthas
Earning Power - Lifting people out of poverty through business education
Faculty Member
Michael Smith Michael Smith
College Bound - Helping diverse students reach higher education
Faculty Member
Cornel Pewewardy Cornel Pewewardy
Native Knowledge - Challenging students to think critically about history and cultural identity
Faculty Member
Veronica Dujon Veronica Dujon
Worlds Together - Weighing global issues on a human scale
Faculty Member