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2015 Census Data Users Meetings

Meetings were held Portland and Salem on October 28th and 29th.  Nearly 100 people attended, and the Portland meeting was video streamed for later viewing.  In these meetings, the focus was on the measurement of income and poverty. Other topics, including preparations for the 2020 Census, were also presented. Presentations are linked from the list of topics and speakers below, along with approximate starting times in the video stream.

Video archive:  The meeting begins at 00:03:00, and the first presentation begins at 00:08:45.


Income and Poverty Data.  Summary of trends, description of federal statistical programs, and demonstration of data tools. (.pdf file of Powerpoint presentation) (00:08:45)

  • Trudi Renwick, Chief, Poverty Statistics Branch, Social, Economic and Housing Statistics Division, U.S. Census Bureau

Regional Economic Trends.  Income and other economic indicators for Oregon and its diverse regions. (.pdf file of Powerpoint presentation) (01:43:00)

  • Josh Lehner, Senior Economist, Office of Economic Analysis, State of Oregon

Ten years of American Community Survey Data.  Survey results from 2005 to 2014. (.pdf file of Powerpoint presentation) (02:35:00)

  • Charles Rynerson, State Data Center Coordinator, Population Research Center, Portland State University

2020 Census Preparations.  Field testing, content changes, and methodology updates. (.pdf file of Powerpoint presentation) (03:14:00)

  • Linda Clark, Data Dissemination Specialist, Customer Liaison & Marketing Services Office, U.S. Census Bureau