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Annual Population Estimates

Risa Proehl, Population Estimates Program Manager

The Population Research Center produces the annual Population Estimates for Oregon and its counties and cities, as well as the estimates by age and sex for the state and its counties. These estimates are used by the state and local governments, various organizations and agencies for revenue sharing, funds allocation, and planning purposes.

The population estimates are prepared as of July 1 of each year. We send the preliminary estimates to state and local jurisdictions and community partners in mid-November for review, and then certify the estimates December 15. The annual Oregon Population Report is published in the following spring. The Report presents the population estimates for Oregon and its counties and incorporated cities. It contains ten tables, including the population rank for incorporated cities, the population by metropolitan areas, population for proportions of Oregon's incorporated cities that are located in more than one county, information on the annexed population added to incorporated cities, and estimates for the population by age and sex for counties.

The Population Estimates Program manager is also Oregon's representative to the Federal-State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates (FSCPE), which is an organization of U.S. Census Bureau staff and state members who work together for the improvement and advancement of methodologies for developing sub-national population estimates.

A source of information for Oregon population projections (which are estimates for the future) is the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, which produces county projections for the population by 5-year age group and sex.


Estimates questionnaire update, July 2015

The web-based annual estimates questionnaire is now live. Go to and enter your Questionnaire ID to get started. If you have difficulty accessing the site, you can also try ths URlink:

Estimates questionnaire update, June 2015

Postcards announcing the 2015 web-based annual questionnaire were mailed during the second week of June. Some respondents may not be able to access the online questionnaire at the URL on the postcard due to internet filters. If you are having problems with, you can try this link:

If you still have difficulties, please contact Deborah Loftus at 503-725-5101 or