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Portland State University President

Portland State University’s president Wim Wiewel is charting a course for PSU to become one of the nations’ leading urban universities.

In an age when the local department store, bank, and grocery store are run by corporations in New York or international conglomerates, PSU provides an enduring presence and commitment to the betterment of our community.

Wim Wiewel is providing leadership, pursuing partnerships, preparing students, and promoting engagement with governments, businesses, and community organizations by focusing on the following:

  • Civic Leadership Through Partnerships — PSU will be a civic partner and a deeply engaged community asset.
  • Student Success — We will ensure student experiences that result in higher satisfaction, retention and graduation rates.
  • Achieve Global Excellence — PSU will become an institution that is recognized nationally and internationally for the accomplishments of its faculty, the reputation of its programs, and the preparation of its students as world citizens.
  • Enhance Educational Opportunity — We will ease the transitions from K-12 and community colleges to university level education.
  • Expand Resources and Improve Effectiveness — PSU will expand resources in each of its funding streams (state, private, tuition, research, business partnerships) and manage resources effectively so we can match investments to strategic priorities.

Wiewel believes that together we can continue building a community that preserves the highest quality of life, a city that is the envy of the nation, and an economy that not only competes on a global scale, but is also sustainable.

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