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Stephen Epler Residence Hall

LEED-NC Silver

In 2005, Stephen Epler Hall became Portland’s first mixed-use building to achieve LEED Silver. Originally on the site was The Birmingham Building, built in the early 1990’s, which was deconstructed to make room for the new residence hall. The primary focus of Epler Hall’s design is to establish a high quality living and learning environment for students. Incorporating many sustainable design strategies, the student housing project integrates education and energy conservation, enhancing the students’ learning experience. These features and more create a building that fosters education and supports living, while being mindful of sustainable design.

• 2003 New Construction

• Over 90% of original building reused or recycled

• 31% reduction in energy use over code

• 54% of building materials manufactured within 500 miles

• Among 1st to pilot rainwater harvesting for reuse in toilets and irrigation

Key strategies include: sun shading devices on facade to limit heat gain; rainwater harvesting system to reduce need for potable water; large operable windows for natural ventilation act as "gills" to flush air through building; and safer, low-toxicity building materials and finishes prevent persistent gas emissions.

View the Stephen Epler Hall LEED Scorecard