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Standards Committee

The Standards Committee is a subcommittee of the Capital Advisory Committee (CAC) and is charged with the development of planning, design and operational standards that promote sustainability, safety, efficiency, flexibility and equity.  These standards include, but are not limited to:

  • Office Space Standards
  • Furniture Standards
  • Access and Security Standards
  • Building Design Standards
  • Building Operation Standards

In December 2012, the Standards Committee was formed to review and revise current standards at Portland State University, and help departments establish standards that meet the mission and values of the University.  The committee is composed of representative from across the institution, including faculty, staff, and administration and is co-chaired by two members of the CAC, Vice President Monica Rimai and Dr. Jennifer Allen.  

The Standards Committee developed the following principles to guide its work in developing standards for the University:

  • Reflect the long-term investment of physical resources and systems to maximize their useful life
  • Promote PSU’s leadership role in sustainability by ensuring student, faculty and staff health and wellbeing, maximizing environmental benefits while minimizing environmental impacts and ensuring fiscal responsibility
  • Express the learning outcomes of the university and promote student success by balancing the design of the university with its education and research functions
  • Promote equity and inclusion through universal design, transparency and simplified processes
  • Allow for flexibility and promote adaptation to account for an evolving pedagogy and changing student demographics

Completed Work:

Portland State University Office Standards and Policies  

The standards presented in this document are intended to assist the University community in efficiently and equitable planning for office space needs.  The standards apply to any new construction or major renovations at any PSU occupied building.  

Work in Progress:

  • Office Furniture Standards
  • Access and Security Standards and Policies

Future Standards Work:

  • Building Design Standards
  • Building Operation Standards
  • Signage/Wayfinding Standards