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Space Allocation Committee

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The Space Allocation Committee (SAC) is a standing sub-committee of the Capital Advisory Committee (CAC). The committee is charged with the responsibility of making decisions on campus space requests.  

Space is a finite resource at Portland State University. SAC ensures the efficient and equitable allocation and use of space on campus, ensuring that all allocations support the University’s mission, goals, and objectives.  Through careful analysis, collaboration and good decision making the SAC seeks to allocate space in a manner that:

  • Promotes the academic and research missions of the University through rigorous analysis of existing space and by creating new space that is flexible and adaptable to account for evolving pedagogy
  • Improves the student, faculty and staff experience at the University through good space design 
  • Promotes efficient use of University space through the consistent and equitable application of University standards
  • Seeks to consolidate units in single locations and creates the appropriate adjacency of uses that best implements the long term vision of the University and its college, schools, and departments
  • Promotes fiscal responsibility and University sustainability by considering the short and long-term costs attributed to space
  • Seeks to locate departments in the best possible location in the least moves possible
  • Promotes efficiency through departmental control of internal space assignment when the function of the space does not change
  • Advocates for retaining and enhancing general pool classrooms and other shared University space

The SAC meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month.

The SAC is guided by Policies & Procedures.


The SAC members represent a broad spectrum of the university. The five (5) standing members of the Space Allocation Committee include one representative appointed by each of the following:

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Vice president for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
  • Vice President for Finance & Administration
  • Vice President for Research & Strategic Partnerships

The fifth member of the Space Allocation Committee is a Dean of a School or College appointed by the Provost.

Standing members of the committee serve at the will of the appointing Vice President/Provost and may be replaced by the Vice President/Provost at any time.  

The current Space Allocation Committee members, ex-efficio and staff are:


  • Robert Bucker, Dean of College of the Arts
  • John Fraire, Vice President, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
  • Alan Kolibaba, Assistant Vice Provost for Research Services
  • Marilyn Moody, Dean of University Library
  • Dan Zalkow, Executive Director for Planning, Construction & Real Estate

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Cindy Baccar, Registrar, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
  • Jason Franklin, Director of Campus Planning and Design, Campus Planning Office
  • Adam Lutzow, Assistant Registrar, Academic Scheduling
  • Steve Rounds, Assistant Director of Capital Projects and Construction


  • Ernest Tipton, Assistant Director Facilities Planning & Campus Design, Campus Planning Office
  • Amanda Wolf, Space Management Analyst, Campus Planning Office

Meeting Agendas/Summaries

Meeting agendas will be posted approximately 3 days prior to the scheduled meetings. All meeting summaries will be posted approximately one week after the meeting. If you have any questions regarding meeting agendas or summaries please contact, Amanda Wolf (

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