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Recycling and Confidentiality

Protect Privacy!

Confidential Material: Confidential materials are those documents designated by Oregon Administrative Regulations as being of a confidential nature. PSU Recycles! is not responsible for handling confidential materials- this is a departmental responsibility. PSU Recycles! can only handle confidential materials once they have been shredded and placed in clear, plastic bags.

Sensitive Material: Some recycling collected by PSU Recycles! is of a sensitive nature, although not legally defined as confidential. This material is regularly and legally collected by PSU Recycles!. Please Note: these materials are placed in centralized, unlocked recycling dumpsters that can be accessed by anyone looking to do so. PSU Recycles! urges you to also shred sensitive material to ensure confidentiality.

What You Need to Know

  1. It's the Law. The University is required to protect the privacy of all students and employees. Under Oregon State Law the University must safely destroy confidential materials (OAR #116-030-006).
  2. You and your Department must comply. The University has contracted with a vender for pick-up, shredding, and pulping of all confidential materials. It is very important that every department and employee of the University is in compliance with the law, or you could be held personally liable.
  3. If you do it yourself, you pay for it yourself. Pre-shredding of confidential materials is permissible under state law. However, should you choose this option, please be advised that your Department must pay the cost of pickup. The secured unshredded materials program is the University's preferred and cost-effective solution.


For small shredding needs, departments may shred paper and place the shredded pieces in clear plastic bags. If your office is already scheduled for a weekly recycling pick-up, simply set the bags of paper next to your recycling bin and the shredding will be picked weekly during your scheduled day of service.

For greater paper shredding needs, several offices on campus use one of the shredding companies that serve PSU. For information please contact the Office of Purchasing and Contracting at