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Purchase wisely. Reduce your impact.

Below you’ll find best practices and procurement strategies to help you make smarter and more sustainable purchasing decisions. Consider the embodied emissions associated with raw materials acquisition, manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal of a product and take steps to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and society.

Prevent waste.

  • Purchase products made from recycled materials and materials that can be reused.  Use post-consumer recycled content paper and office supplies, refillable pens and remanufactured toner cartridges instead of virgin items.

Purchase durable and reusable goods.

  • Consider durability and reparability of products prior to purchase.  Instead of making purchases solely based on the lowest purchase price, consider a product's estimated life span, energy, maintenance, consumable supplies and disposal costs. 

Order products less frequently or in bulk. 

  • This is especially beneficial for office supplies. 

Utilize surplus property.

Purchase non-toxic or least toxic products.

  • Products with fewer or no toxic chemicals can reduce hazardous waste disposal, future liability concerns, and the risk of occupational exposure and spills.

Socially responsible and ethical purchasing. Look for suppliers with a commitment to sustainability and safe and healthy workplaces for people who make those products.

For more details on green purchasing see this slide show.