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It's All in the Hall: The Bin Consolidation Project:

One of the best practices to help people recycle smarter is to always pair trash with recycling.  This thinking has informed PSU's latest effort in the ongoing process of reducing campus waste. Since pairing recycling and trash bins is ideal, and placing a recycling bin in every classroom is unfeasible, trash cans are now migrating out of classrooms to convenient, centralized stations. In other words: It's all in the hall. Your understanding is appreciated.  Please spread the word!




Recyclemania is a competition used as a benchmarking tool for colleges and universities. It's a chance for the schools to promote their waste reduction and recycling programs, as well as to track their recycling, trash data. Over 10 weeks, the data in several categories is gathered and compared. 



Waste Audits

Are you a PSU employee and interested in knowing what your department is sending to the landfill? PSU Recycles! staff can help you find out. Not only can we perform a full waste sort of the materials in your building’s trash and recycling dumpsters, but we can also advise you what options besides the landfill are available for the materials we find in your trash cans. We also offer departmental walk-throughs to help you set up the most effective recycling system possible. For more information on this service call 503-725-4300 or e-mail To view reports from past waste audits, click here.

Waste Reduction & Recycling Presentations

The PSU Recycles! team understands that one of the most crucial components of waste reduction is educational outreach to our campus community. To meet this objective, we offer waste reduction and recycling presentations for students, staff, and faculty who want to know more about the efforts we are making here at PSU and to address some of the challenging questions about what exactly is recyclable. These presentations can be tailored to your student group, department, or class. For more information on this service call 503-725-4300 or e-mail