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Native American Student and Community Center

The Native American Student & Community Center serves as a learning resource and gathering place where students can share cultural experiences, find academic and social support, and build connections with students, faculty, staff and community members. Completed in 2003, the Native American Student & Community Center is revered for the collaborative efforts of many who participated in the design process. It serves as an enduring symbol of PSU’s commitment to serving Native Americans throughout the metropolitan region, state and nation.

• 2003 New Construction

• Serves 9th largest Native American population in U.S.

• 94 - Walkers' Paradise

• FSC certified wood products and local stone and brick

Key strategies include: building orientation that maximizes solar energy and integrates natural daylight; natural ventilation with mechanical assist rather than air-conditioning to keep the building cool; sensors signal occupants when to open or close windows to maximize natural cooling; and a roof garden reduces stormwater runoff, keeps the space cool in summer and warm in winter, and adds beauty to the building.