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Letter from Jason Franklin, Director of Campus Planning and Design, Campus Planning Office.

Welcome to the Campus Planning Office!

The Campus Planning Office (CPO) works with students, faculty and staff to create integrated planning processes to affect the physical development of campus. We are guided by the academic, research and student success priorities of the University and strive to create a more equitable, attractive and accessible campus.

We frequently work with the City of Portland and other local jurisdictions to influence development requirements on and around campus, and to create a more lively and complete university neighborhood. Our campus planning activities include campus master planning, facilities and space planning, transportation planning, campus design, capital request planning, real estate services and space programming, and management.

Please let us know how we can help with any of your campus planning needs.

All the best,

Jason Franklin

Director of Campus Planning & Design

Campus Planning Office


Letter from Jenny McNamara, Sustainability Manager, Campus Sustainability Office

Welcome to the Campus Sustainability Office!

The Campus Sustainability Office builds capacity for institutional stewardship of natural resources by facilitating collaboration and leading efforts to ensure a sustainable approach in campus operations. We also provide educational resources for the PSU community and benchmark sustainability performance across a variety of indicator areas to gauge progress and set priorities. 

PSU’s commitment to sustainability permeates every aspect of the institution from curriculum to green buildings. All departments contribute in some way to the vitality of that commitment. I invite you to engage with campus wide sustainability efforts and find out how you can further set the course for PSU to be a sustainability leader.

I look forward to working with you!


Jenny McNamara

Sustainability Manager

Campus Sustainability Office