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Food & Dining Services

The production of food—including intensive farming, processing, transport, preparation, and the generation of waste—has major impacts on our environment through associated greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. 

What PSU is doing:

  • Reusable to-go container program in Victor's dining hall and Viking Food Court.
  • All cooking oil recycled into bio-diesel.

  • Food waste collected for composting in PSU's kitchens. 

  • Excess pre-consumer food is donated to the Blanchet House Charity.

  • Tray-less dining at Victor's at the Ondine.

  • Commitment to increase local and organic food purchases each year, with goals set in Dining Services contract.

  • Discount from PSU Dining Services for refilling your reusable mug with coffee, tea, or soda.

  • Post-consumer food waste collected for composting and elimination of individually-packaged condiments in Viking Food Court.

  • Dining services contract specifies purchase of foods certified by Food Alliance and recommended by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.