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Current Green Teams

Department Location Department Green Team Chair Established Sample Actions
Transportation & Parking Services Academic and Student Recreation Center Sarah Renkens 2008
  • Durable dishware
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Employee trip tracking
  • PSU Climate Champion
Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science  Engineering  Ariel Lewis 2008 
  • Paperless admin
  • No single-occupancy-vehicle commuters
  • Automatic device power down
Department of Music Lincoln Hall Jessica McElfresh 2008
  • Composting
  • Only purchase 100% post consumer recycled content paper
  • Double sided printing
Regional Research Institute Market Center  Lisa McMahon, Research Associate 2007
  • Sustainability orientation for employees
  • Recycle Works Award (2008)
University Advancement  Market Center Eriko Shimada 2009
  • Composting
  • Sustainable purchasing plan 
Finance & Administration  Market Center Tammy Gomez & Nicole Morris  2011 
  • Recycle bin distribution
  • Automatic power management
  • Durable dishware 
Millar Library  Millar Library Teresa Minato 2008 
  • Green-tips emails
  • Green event guide
  • Waste audits 
Oregon Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education  University Center  Jim Mignano
  • Online trip journaling tool
  • Tap water filtration
  • PSU Climate Champion
Center for Student Health and Healthing University Center  Todd Hutchinson
  • Clamshell special recycling
  • Composting 
National Policy Concensus Center Urban Center  Sarah Guenther  2008
  • Recycle Works Award (2008)
  • Natural lighting policy
  • Communal bicycle for staff use
  • PSU Climate Champion
College of Urban & Public Affairs Urban Center  Jodie MacLean 2010 
  • Motion sensor surge protectors
  • Purchases 100% PWC paper
  • Composting