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Campus Planning

The Campus Planning Office works to meet the current and future needs of Portland State University through physical planning that is integrated with the academic needs, research needs, and student success initiatives of the University. Campus planning is also responsive to local planning efforts unique to the University’s urban location within downtown Portland.

The Campus Planning Office, a department within Finance and Administration, is tightly aligned with the Campus Sustainability Office and collaborates closely with a variety of other university departments, including Capital Projects & Construction, Facilities & Property Management, and Transportation & Parking Services.


Campus Planning & Physical Development

The Campus Planning Office manages the development of long-range plans, such as the University District Framework Plan and PSU’s ten year capital plan to assess and accommodate the changing needs of the University. Feasibility studies and preliminary site plans are developed for potential campus development projects under the oversight of the Campus Planning Office. Information generated during these processes inform capital project requests submitted to the Oregon University System. The Campus Planning Office also produces reports, plans, and maps to document current conditions and planned development. Externally, the Campus Planning Office represents Portland State in planning processes managed by city and regional agencies and related committees.

University District Framework Plan


Space Management

The Campus Planning Office tracks space use at Portland State through an annual inventory, assesses department space needs, prepares space requests, and provides support to the Space Allocation Committee, which makes decisions about space use on campus.




Transportation Planning

The Campus Planning Office works closely with PSU Transportation & Parking Services to plan for the transportation needs of students, employees, and visitors, and to ensure that transportation is considered in potential development projects.





Project Management

The Campus Planning Office manages unique development projects requiring a high degree of collaboration among PSU departments and city agencies, such as Electric Avenue and the Montgomery Green Street.





Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services include the acquisition and sale of real estate, the development and renewal of leases for non-PSU tenants renting space in PSU owned facilities, and the leasing of space in non-PSU owned buildings for PSU.





Historic Preservation

The Campus Planning Office maintains an inventory of university assets with historic significance. Historic structures on the Portland State campus fall under the jurisdiction of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), which works closely with the City of Portland Historic Resource and Preservation division.