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Be a steward. Lead the way.

Below you’ll find best practices and strategies to help you promote conservation and environmental stewardship within your department. For more tips and to track your progress, see PSU Climate Champions Program.

Conserve Energy.

  • Turn off lights, equipment, and appliances when you leave each night. Contact for a light switch reminder sticker.
  • Plug peripheral electronic equipment into a power strip and switch off strip each night.
  • Instead of brightly lighting an entire room, if possible, focus light where you need it with task lighting.
  • Utilize energy efficient bulbs in task lighting (like compact fluorescent or LED).
  • Take advantage of natural light by adjusting blinds throughout the day.
  • Energize yourself by taking the stairs when feasible.  

Conserve Water.

  • Check sinks in restrooms and kitchens for updated faucet aerators (0.5 gallons per minute [gpm] or lower in restrooms, 1.5 gpm or lower in kitchens). 
  • Be sure to report any plumbing malfunctions such as drips, leaks, or other repair needs to Facilities & Planning Department  as necessary. Click here to complete a work order.  

Prevent Waste.

  • Drink from reusable water bottles instead of disposables. Refill at the tap or from Hydration Locations on campus! Click here for locations.
  • Instead of bottled water service, consider drinking tap water or an in-sink filter, to cut costs and waste.
  • Set your printer default to duplex mode and reuse second chance paper.
  • Share and store documents electronically when feasible. 
  • Purchase high post-consumer recycled paper products, refillable pens, and remanufactured toner/ink cartridges. 
  • Use durable kitchenware in break room, meetings, and events. 
  • Check with PSU’s Reuse Room and Surplus Property Program before making new purchases.
  • Purchase ENERGY STAR® 5.0 and EPEAT rated computers, electronics, and equipment when practicable.
  • Choose Garamond, one of PSU's official fonts, because it uses less ink than other fonts.

Recycle and Compost.