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About Campus Planning & Sustainability

Campus Planning and Sustainability represents two affiliated departments within Finance and Administration (FADM): the Campus Planning Office (CPO) and the Campus Sustainability Office (CSO).

Campus Planning Office (CPO)

The Campus Planning Office works on integrated physical development planning processes that are guided by academic, research and student success priorities and goals. Campus planning activities include facilities and space planning, transportation planning, campus design and space programming and management.

The duties of campus planning staff members include:

  • Collection and tracking of data related to such things as:
    • Space allocation and use
    • Student and employee transportation choices and preferences
  • Compilation of information about trends and infrastructure in the form of maps and reports, such as the 2012 Transportation Update
  • Development of campus-wide plans, such as the University District Framework Plan and the Bicycle Transportation Plan
  • Development of site plans and feasibility studies for potential development projects
  • Project management of unique infrastructure projects, often requiring collaboration with external partners, such as Electric Avenue and Green Street implementation
  • Development of capital project requests identifying priority development projects
  • Representation of PSU in planning processes managed by city and regional agencies, as well as related committees and associations
  • Real Estate Services include the:
    • Acquisition and sale of real estate
    • Development and renewal of leases for non-PSU tenants renting space in PSU owned facilities
    • Leasing of space in non-PSU owned buildings for PSU

Campus Sustainability Office (CSO)

A unit within Planning, Sustainability & Real Estate that works to ensure environmentally responsible practices are incorporated into campus operations.

  • Leads planning efforts to ensure continuous improvement in resource conservation at PSU
  • Benchmarks PSU's sustainability performance
  • Facilitates collaboration and builds capacity to implement sustainability projects on campus
  • Supports students, faculty & staff in becoming conservation leaders  

CSO partners with the Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS) and the Sustainability Leadership Center (SLC) on numerous campus initiatives and projects.