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Seminars and Events

Fall 2014 Physics Seminar Series


Speaker Topic Time and Location
Monday, Oct. 20 John Freudenthal, Hinds Instruments Bianisotropic polarimetry 3:15 PM, SB1-107
Monday, Oct. 27 John Essick, Reed College  Changing Quantum Dot Emission 3:15 PM, SB1-107
Monday, Nov. 3 Sean King, Intel Corp. Moore's Law 3:15 PM, SB1-107

Nov. 10

Jeremy Brown, PCC Exploring a Parallel Universe
3:15 PM, SB1-107

Nov. 17

David Griffiths, Reed College The Electric Field of a Point Charge in Hyperbolic Motion 3:15 PM, SB1-107
Monday, Dec. 1 Dave Tuggle, FEI Company Charged Particle Optics 3:15 PM, SB1-107

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Mark Gurevitch Memorial Lecture Series

Featuring Eric Betzig, Nobel Prize recipient for Chemistry, 2014 

May 2015


For further information please contact Dr. Erik Bodegom.
More information to follow!