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Physics Links

PSU Science Outreach Society: Dedicated to the development of interest in science and technology among Portland-area students through demonstrations, presentations, and hands-on activities.

Latest Employment Data for Physicists: Reports that provide the latest data on where physicists work and what they do throughout the economy and at different degree levels.
Who Is Hiring Physics Bachelor’s?  A searchable state-by-state listing of many employers who recently hired physics bachelor’s into science and engineering positions.
So You Want to Become a Physicist? This is a compendium of available LEGAL avenues of acquiring Knowledge through Lecture notes and Problems Sets, etc., left for the students in the WWW Domain. 


Physics Central PhysicsCentral

American Physical Society A worldwide organization of physicists with research journals, contacts, education etc.

APS Free Student Membership InformationAmerican Physical Society Careers in physics.

LANL e-Print archive A fully automated electronics archive and distribution server for research papers

Physics Today's Physics News Update A digest of physics news items arising from physics meetings, physics journals, newspapers and magazines, and other news sources

Physics Around the World Physics Around the World The Internet Pilot To Physics, an international effort to create a comprehensive physics Internet resource

Physics Internet Resources World Wide Web resources, lots of links to papers, conferences, news, societies etc.

Yahoo List of Physics Sites Yahoo list of physics sites, links to specialized fields

Gradschool Shopper A directory of graduate programs in physics and related fields plus useful resources for students and faculty. Hosted by AIP.

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics A web resource describing many physics concepts and terms in detail.