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Faculty Resource Page

This page is intended for use by Physics Faculty and Graduate Students only. Thank you.
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Purchasing Worksheet (PDF) 

Purchasing Worksheet (Microsoft Word)
Fill out and print this form, then turn it in to Alex in SRTC 134.

Selection of Research Advisor
This form should be completed and turned in to the department office within first year of school.

Annual Progress Report
This form should be completed EVERY spring term by May 15th. Have your advisor approve it and hand it in to the department.

Approved Program of Study, PhD

Approval of Doctoral Prospectus

Notice of Faculty Absence
This form should be turned in to the department office before the absence occurs.

Guide to Hiring Student Employees
A quick guide to hiring, employing, and terminating student employees.

OIT Services and Support
Additional information regarding troubleshooting for phone and internet can be found here. Your telephone coordinator is Laurie Tull.


Departmental Rules Regarding Incompletes 

Incompletes are generally granted for a student's failure to take the final exam and then only because of illness or other unforeseeable problems. 

Other rules that apply include: (See pages 52 and 64 of the 2006/2007 Bulletin). 

  1. Quality of work in the course up to that point is C- level or above.  
  2. Essential work remains to be done. Essential means that a grade for the course could not be assigned without dropping one or more grade points below the level achievable upon completion of the work.  
  3. Reasons for assigning an I must be acceptable to the instructor. The student does not have the right to demand an I. The circumstances must be unforeseen or be beyond the control of the student. An instructor is entitled to insist on appropriate medical or other documentation. In no case is an Incomplete grade given to enable a student to do additional work to raise a deficient grade.  
  4. Consultation must have occurred and a formal agreement must be reached between instructor and student.  
  5. A written record* of the remaining work and its completion date should be kept by both the instructor and the student. The instructor may specify the highest grade that may be earned. This should not exceed the level of achievement displayed during the normal course period.  
  6. The deadline for completion of an Incomplete can be no longer than one year. The instructor may set a shorter deadline which shall be binding. An agreement to a longer period must be by petition to the Scholastic Standards Committee.  
  7. An Incomplete mark becomes part of the permanent transcript record after the deadline expires. To remove an I, an instructor must file a supplementary grade report.

    *Incomplete Grade Justification Form
    Please give a copy to the student, keep a copy, and turn in the original to the department office.


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