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The PCMI Program enables you to combine graduate degree, overseas experience and community service with the support and training from your University and the Peace Corps Program.

Benefits: A Brief Overview

  • Theoretical and Practical preparation and training for your overseas service.
  •  Academic support for credit work during field service.
  • Waiver of Tuition fees for the Peace Corps service work (check the PCMI Master's Program link above for the  number of credits involved).
  • Availability of some financial aid in the form of Graduate Assistantships on a competitive basis.
  • Medical and Dental coverage during Peace Corps Service through Peace Corps.
  • Options for affordable continued medical coverage on return through Peace Corps.
  • Option of Financial Aid loan deferment for some federal programs for Peace Corps Service.
  • Perkins loan may be discounted for Peace Corps Service (if not consolidated)
  • Payment of living expenses while in the field and transition funds at the end of successful completion of field service paid by Peace Corps.
  • Vacation time during Peace Corps field Service
  • Greater preparedness for a job market that recognizes the increasing importance of skills in the Global economy and within international frameworks.
  • Be part of a cohort of "fellow traveler" students and Peace Corps Volunteers both in your University and Globally.


For full information on Peace Corps Support go to Peace Corps "What Are the Benefits?"