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                                                                         (photo: Madeleine Mader)

Throughout this process you should speak with the PCMI Coordinator.

A) Portland State Graduate Program - Graduate Admissions

 For details on Admissions Requirements, Application Process and Deadlines please check the relevant links below:

Master's in TESOL

Master's in Sociology

Master's in Social Work

Master's in Environmental Management

Master's in Public Administration: Non-Profit Specialization

Explore the Graduate Program requirements and then go to the Graduate Admissions link for the online application forms.

B) Peace Corps

When you have an acceptance into your Portland State Master's Program, you may apply to the Peace Corps. You will need evidence of acceptance to qualify for the PCMI program.

BEFORE APPLYING to Peace Corps you should

a) Speak with the PCMI Coordinator

b) Check with your Academic Advisor concerning the time frame for Peace Corps fieldwork.

c) Speak with the Peace Corps Recruiter on campus

Financial Aid

If you are receiving Financial Aid it is important that you discuss your Peace Corps fieldwork with your Financial Aid advisor.