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Viking Days Event Request

Thank you for your interest in submitting an event for Viking Days. Before you begin the submission process, read the following information to learn more.

Viking Days events is organized into broad Viking Days themed days. These themes include:
- University Success (September 21-22)
- Connect to PSU (September 23-25)
- Explore Portland (September 26-27)

Campus Scheduling and New Student Programs are working together to subsidize and cover the cost of set-up fees for groups that schedule space in Smith Memorial Student Union (SMSU). Unless you request special AV Services or coordinate Campus Catering, there will be no cost for PSU organizations to program in SMSU during Viking Days.

Online Event Submissions: Read Before Beginning Process

Victor E Viking gets advice

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT EVENT INFORMATION: The priority deadline for submitting events is July 17 at 5:00pm. Final deadline to submit an event is July 31 at 5pm. Please contact Marcella Flores (Odin: maflores) if you have any questions PRIOR to this date.

As you will not be able to save the online form, please gather the following information before you begin this process:

All Groups will Need:
- Contact information
- Title of event
- Event description (maximum of 100 characters)
- Expected attendance
- Location (such as Smith Memorial Student Union) you are requesting, if applicable
- Dates/times you are requesting to host your event
- Viking Days theme that your event matches

Additional Information that Student Groups will Need:
- Contact information for your group's adviser (name, phone, and e-mail)
- Student Group/Departmental Index Code (student groups must have this, plus budget approval from their respective adviser)

(Note: Index codes will only be used for groups that request AV Services and/or Campus Catering; however, all groups are required to list this code.)

Additional Information that Campus Departments will Need:
- Departmental Index Code (Note: Index codes will only be used for departments that request AV Services and/or Campus Catering; however, all departments are required to list this code.)

After You Submit Your Event Timeline:
- Week of August 24, 2015: Submitting your event does not guarantee that it will be offered during the times or located in the space that you request.  You will receive a confirmation during this week that has your full event information.  This allows us time to consider the needs of all event requests.
- September 1, 2015: You may begin contacting A/V (Cavet), and Catering (Aramark) to set up your unique event needs. You will need your confirmation number, sent to you during the week of August 24.
- Feel free to contact us if you have questions after your event is submitted.  You will receive contact information for each department in your submission receipt e-mail.


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