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New Student Frequently Asked Questions


What is New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is a half-to-full day event on campus where new students learn about graduation requirements and community expectations. Students will connect with faculty, staff, other students, student services and resources. Students will also take a photo for their PSU Student ID Card, receive academic advising, take care of any administrative issues and finally register for classes.


Do I need to do New Student Orientation?

If you are a domestic or international undergraduate student, YES, you must attend New Student Orientation. All new domestic and international undergraduate students to PSU will have to complete the entire Orientation program before being allowed to register. It is mandatory.

If you are a non-degree, post-bacc, graduate, or distant-learner student, NO, you do not need to attend New Student Orientation but we encourage you to check out our Student Type Definitions, which will provide you with more information regarding how to prepare for your time at PSU.


Why do I need to do New Student Orientation?

Students are required to do Orientation to be completely aware of campus policy and processes. We want all new students to put their best foot forward at PSU, this is why Orientation is mandatory.


What happens during Orientation?

The goals of Orientation are for you to connect to campus, learn about graduation requirements, access academic advising, and register for courses. In addition, you will be able to go on a campus tour, interact with campus departments, and conduct any necessary University business.


Intent to Enroll, what is it?

Intent to Enroll is a process required for all new students admitted for fall to go through before being allowed to register for an Orientation. To complete this step please visit our Intent to Enroll webpage. Please note that students who are co-admitted do not complete this step.


Do I need to take the math placement prior to Orientation? 

Please visit the Math Placement Requirement webpage to decide if you are required to take the math placement prior to signing up for an orientation session.


How do I sign-up for Orientation?

New students can sign-up for Orientation online. You will need your student ID # which can be found on your admission letter to PSU.


If I already registered for orientation but am unable to attend on that day, can I reschedule my orientation?

Yes! As long as the date you would like to sign up for is not already at capacity. Please contact us to reschedule.


What if I did not sign-up for Orientation prior to a specific program date, Can I show up that morning and still attend?

No. We have limited space at Orientation sessions. If we are at capacity, you will be asked to attend another session. We encourage you to sign up prior to the session so we are prepared to advise you appropriately. 


What if I am unable to attend any of the Orientation dates?

For students who are not able to make any of the orientation dates they will need to contact us so accommodations can be arranged.


What if I already attended a PSU Orientation previously?

If you have attended an Orientation within the last two years, you are not required to attend another Orientation. You will still need registration permission, so please contact us so accommodations can be arranged.

If you have attended an Orientation outside the two year timeframe, you will need to attend another Orientation. Please contact us so we can sign you up for a new Orientation program.


What is a placement test?

Prior to attending the New Student Orientation, students are expected to complete placement activities for writing, chemistry, mathematics (required for some majors), and/or foreign languages. More information can be found about these tests at the placement test website.


How do I complete placement test(s)?

Placement test information is available online at the placement test website  


Do I need to bring anything to Orientation?

All students will need to bring a photo ID and any placement test results you may have after completing the online placement test. Transfer students who have received their Transfer Evaluation (T-Eval) may bring that with them as well.


Are there any fees associated with Orientation?

In most cases, there are no fees. Students are assessed a matriculation fee as part of their first term tuition; a portion of this fee covers the cost of their participation in Orientation.  Fees are assessed for:

  • Guests who attend a fall term freshmen orientation sessions. This fee is $20 and covers the cost of breakfast, lunch, program materials, the closing reception, staffing, and facilities.

  • Students and their guests who attend an out-of-state session for fall term. This fee is $50 per person (including students and guests) and covers the cost of food; program materials; and travel and venue fees associated with hosting Orientation off-campus. 

  • All of these fees will be paid during the sign-up process. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

  • Please be sure to review our refund policy information

What if I forgot to pay my fees for Orientation? 

If you forgot to pay for your guests attendance fee at a Freshmen orientation or your fee for attending an out-of-state-session please submit your your Orientation fee payment as soon as possible to confirm your spot.

What are the dates for Orientation?

There are specific dates available to you depending on your intended major and term of admission. Please view that information at our Orientation Sign-Up webpage.


Where can I sign up for Orientation?

Please visit the Orientation Sign-up webpage.