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The Land Use Scenario DevelopeR (LUSDR)

The Land Use Scenario DevelopeR (LUSDR) is being developed to support a long-range urban growth study in Jackson County Oregon. This growth study is called the Medford Regional Problem Solving (RPS) study because it encompasses the Medford metropolitan area. The purpose of the study is to identify urban reserve areas that will meet the needs of a population that is double the current amount. Urban reserves are areas located adjacent to urban growth boundaries (UGB) that will be brought into UGBs as needed to accommodate growth over the long run. The Rogue Valley Council of Governments (RVCOG), Jackson County and affected cities within the county will use information from the RPS study to designate urban reserves in their comprehensive plans.

LUSDR is being used in combination with the metropolitan area transportation model to evaluate the potential transportation consequences of alternative land use patterns and transportation system additions. The objectives of the modeling are:

  • To develop a moderately large set of plausible future land use patterns consistent with the RPS goals.
  • To test the effects of this set of future land use patterns on the transportation system.
  • To identify the features of land use patterns that most affect transportation performance.
  • To assist in identifying additions to the transportation network needed to serve future development of the urban reserves.