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Wired Internet Computer Registration

When you connect your computer to a wired internet connection on the Portland State University campus, you will need to register the device. You will usually only need to register once to have a continuous connection. This page provides some basic information about the Device Registration System.

Registering Your Computer

When a computer is first connected to a network jack anywhere in ResNet and a web browser is opened, the first web page that will come up will be the PSU "Device Registration System" page. Follow these steps to register your computer:

  1. Select "Continue" to go to the PSU Acceptable Use Policy. This policy explains the terms and conditions for using PSU IT resources, and also the File Sharing and Digital Copyright Enforcement Guidelines.
  2. Once you have read and accepted the Acceptable Use Policy, you will be prompted to enter your Odin username and password.
  3. The system will register the device and enable network access. You will have to close and reopen your Internet browser to gain network access. You will now automatically receive wired PSU network access within PSU Student Housing.
  4. When you successfully authenticated with your Odin credentials, the computer that you are using is now registered on the PSU network for a period of one school term. When you use a new computer, you will repeat this process for that computer.

Please note that the computer will be registered to the Odin account entered, and if another user engages in activity that is in violation of the PSU Acceptable Use Policy, the original registered user will be held accountable! If you transfer the ownership of your computer, you need to let the Helpdesk know by emailing us with your username, room number, and contact information so that we can unregister your computer. Otherwise you will be held liable for any actions taken on that system for the duration of the term.

Further Resources

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.