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Wi-Fi: Windows 7

This article describes how to configure Windows 7 operating system to connect to the secure wireless networks available on the PSU campus.


In order to connect to the PSU wireless network using the instructions below, you will need:

  • Windows-based PC running any version of Windows 7.
  • Active Odin account or a guest wireless account.

Connecting to the PSU Wireless Network

  1. Select the Start menu and enter “Network” into the search field.
  2. Select Network and Sharing Center from the list.
  3. When the Network and Sharing Center opens, select Connect to a network.
  4. Choose PSU Secure from the window that appears, then check the box to Connect automatically and select the Connect button.
  5. Enter your Odin username and password in the window that appears, then select OK.
  6. Ignore any warnings that appears about the server not being validated.
  7. Select Connect.
  8. You are now connected to PSU Wi-Fi. From now on, you should be automatically connected whenever the PSU Secure network is available.

Solving Connection Problems

  • Make sure the wireless radio on your computer is active. Some computers have an indicator light that shows if it is active or not. If the light is off, your wireless radio is off. On laptops, this is often controlled by a button or switch. If you are unsure, refer to your computer's documentation.
  • Try connecting at another physical location on campus. Some locations may not receive a strong enough wireless signal for you to connect to the network.
  • Run Windows Update and make sure you have all important updates installed.

Further Resources

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.