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Wi-Fi Block

If your computer has malware, PSU’s wireless network can detect it and block you from accessing campus Wi-Fi. The virus will need to be removed from your computer before the Wi-Fi block can be removed.

Unblocking Wi-Fi Access

If you have been blocked from using PSU Wi-Fi due to a virus, the Helpdesk can reimage your computer in order to remove the virus. This service is free of charge for staff and faculty, and is available for a nominal fee for students. Unless your computer is PSU-owned, you will need to bring your operating system (OS) license/product key. You can find more information on the Computer Reimaging page.

PSU Computers

  • Bring the computer down to the Helpdesk or call to arrange a pickup.
  • The workbench will attempt to back up all software/data and restore it after reimaging the computer.
  • Loaner computers may be available to replace the infected machine for the duration of the reimage.

Faculty/Staff Personal Computers

  • Bring the computer down to the Helpdesk.
  • The workbench will attempt to back up all PSU software and personal data and restore it after reimaging the computer.
  • Personal software will need to be reinstalled following reimaging, although Microsoft Office and McAfee can be included for free.

Student Computers

You have the option of removing the virus yourself or paying a third party (ex: repair shop) to remove it. You can then simply bring your computer to the Helpdesk for verification and we will lift the Wi-Fi block.

  • To remove the virus from a PC, the hard drive that contains Windows (usually “Local Disk C”) will need to be formatted and the Windows will need to be reinstalled. Simply reinstalling Windows over top of an existing installation, without performing a format, will not remove the virus.

You can also choose to have the Helpdesk remove the virus for you for a $25 charge:

  • Bring the computer down to the Helpdesk. The Helpdesk only offers assistance if your Wi-Fi access has been blocked.
  • Make sure to backup all data that you want saved (on a CD, DVD, flash drive, external hard drive, etc). All data currently on your computer will be lost during the format.
  • Your computer will be returned to you with a clean installation of your operating system. A free copy of McAfee Antivirus is available to prevent your computer from being infected again. Any additional software that you had installed previously will need to be reinstalled by you.
  • Work will take a minimum of 1 week to complete, after which you will be contacted to pick up the computer.

Further Resources

Go to Computer Reimaging for more information on the reimaging process that Helpdesk can perform on your computer.

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.