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Wi-Fi: Apple iOS

This article describes how to configure the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to connect to the PSU Secure wireless network in such a way that it stores your credentials on your device.

    Connecting to the PSU Wireless Network

    1. On your device, press the Home button if you are not already on the Home screen.
    2. Go into Settings and then select Wi-Fi. After a moment, a list of available networks will populate the screen.
    3. Choose the PSU Secure network.
    4. Enter your Odin username and password when prompted and select Join. (Be careful to type your password correctly, as you can only see one previous letter at a time and it is case-sensitive.)
    5. Select Accept when you see a request to accept a certificate.
    6. Your username and password are now saved and you should be connected to the PSU Secure wireless network. You can use Mail or Safari to test your connection.

    After Step 6, the iPhone has a tendency to hang while reporting "Joining 'PSU Secure'..." If this happens, simply hit the Home button, and start over from Step 1. You should only have to do this once.

    Solving Connection Problems

    • If you have problems setting up your connection, first check to make sure all other PSU wireless connections have been forgotten. To forget a wireless network, do the following:
      1. Go into Setting and then select Wi-Fi.
      2. Select the small blue arrow next to a PSU network you have tried using in the past.
      3. Select the Forget this Network button.
      4. Repeat this process for any PSU networks you have attempted to use in the past.
    • If you have forgotten the previous PSU networks and are still encountering issues:
      1. Go into Settings and select General.
      2. Select Reset.
      3. Select Reset Network Settings.
    • If the spinning wheel does not stop while attempting to connect:
      1. Press the Home button, then immediately go back to Settings.
      2. Select Wi-Fi, then select PSU Secure.

    Further Resources

    Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.