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Website Creation

PSU offers multiple options to members of the Portland State community who want to create a website. For official department and organization web sites, the University offers access to an Enterprise Content Management System. For student organizations, OrgSync should be used to host your organization's content and connect with the PSU community. Faculty can also contact the Office of Academic Innovation for help setting up their course in Desire2Learn (D2L).

If you want to create a website to host individual work, project or team information, or any other PSU-related content that does not qualify for an official site in PSU Drupal, there are a number of options available, including PSU Google Sites, PSU personal web space, hosting services from the Office of Information Technology, and commissioning a custom built site.

PSU Enterprise (Drupal)

To establish the official online presence of a department or program at Portland State University, University Communications (UComm), in partnership with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), has developed the powerful PSU Enterprise Drupal environment. Websites built on this platform are hosted on PSU's main website and subject to the design and content standards..

To request the creation of a new PSU Enterprise website or get access to an existing website for editing purposes, use the Website Creation or Access Request Form. For more information on creating and maintaining Enterprise sites, visit the UComm Web Communications page.

Note: Training is required before access can be granted to edit existing sites.


PSU student organizations should use OrgSync to easily set up a website for their group. To sign up for a student organization website, contact Student Activities & Leadership Programs (SALP).

Student groups needing a more full-featured website can request a website by filling out the Website Creation or Access Request Form. SALP will need to approve the creation of the site and you will need to attend Drupal training in order to use it.

PSU Google Sites

You can use PSU Google Sites to build a basic website. It provides website templates, a simple-to-use interface, and does not require any knowledge of web design coding. To get started, go to and click the red Create button. For more information, visit PSU Google Sites.

Note: After creating a Google Site, you will receive an automated email requesting a bit of information related to your site. Please fill out and submit the form.

PSU Personal Web Space

PSU also offers personal web space on its own web servers to students, faculty, and staff. This space can be used immediately, without the need to request hosting services. For more information about using this service, go to PSU Personal Web Space.

OIT Web Hosting

For sites with additional needs, beyond what PSU personal web space can provide, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) offers web hosting services. Sites hosted by OIT will fit into one of the following service levels:

  • Basic Hosting
  • Plus Hosting

View full details for both hosting plans in the OIT Web Hosting Terms and Conditions. To request OIT web hosting, complete the Website Creation or Access Request Form.

Basic Hosting

Basic hosting is appropriate for those with minimal web hosting needs, who require more space or resources than personal web space, such as the need to host a MySQL database (required to install a content management system like WordPress).

Plus Hosting

Plus hosting is appropriate for those with web hosting needs that extend beyond what Basic Hosting can offer, such as the need to run current PHP, Python, Java, or Ruby web applications. This is a billed service, please view current pricing on the Service Catalog page.

Commissioned Websites

Users with more extensive website needs have the option to commission a custom built website from the Web Development Team. This is a fee-based service, available to PSU students, faculty, staff, and community members/organizations, but requires a consultation and may not be appropriate for all situations. Complete the Website Creation or Access Request Form to get started.

Further Resources

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.