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Voicemail FAQ

If you have a question about using PSU voicemail, consult this FAQ to see if your question is listed. If your issue is still unresolved, please see the Further Resources section for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Voicemail

Is printable voicemail documentation available?

Is there a time limit on message storage?

Yes, messages that have been in your mailbox longer than 30 days will be automatically purged from the system, no matter if they are saved or not. For instructions on how to download and save messages to your hard drive please consult the .

Why won't the system accept my password?

CallXpress requires passwords to be secure so it will not allow concurrent or consecutive digits. For example, you can not use 2255, 1234, or your extension as the password.

What are the button prompts for CallXpress?

For help using the telephone interface please see the .

Can I access my voice mailbox from the web?

Yes, CallXpress's Web PhoneManager allows users to access messages, change settings, and record greetings through the web at Log in using your five digit extension (digits only), and mailbox password.

How do I call back the person who left me a message?

After the message has played, press 8 to reply. Then press 1 to reply with a message to their voice mailbox or press 3 to call their telephone.

How do I replay the header information again without listening to my message again?

During or after listening to a message but before the system presents the next message, press 0 to access the message information. Press 0 again to hear the header information.

How do I know if I have new messages?

If your telephone set has a message waiting lamp, it will light up when a new message has been received. In addition, there are options to receive notifications via email or to your personal cell phone/pager. For help setting up notification settings please see our notification instructions on Web PhoneManager.

How do I listen to my greetings while accessing my mailbox through the telephone?

  1. In the main menu, press 3 for PhoneManager.
  2. For Personal Options, press 1.
  3. To access the option to review personal greetings, press 3.
  4. To listen to your greetings:
    • Busy greeting, press 1.
    • Personal greeting, press 2.
    • Out-of-office greeting, press 3.
  5. To exit without changing the greeting, press *.

Can I transfer a caller directly into a voice mailbox without ringing the phone?

Yes. After pressing the transfer button dial 5-7110, enter in the extension of the mailbox and press transfer again.

Is it possible to print to a fax destination in windows so that users can receive and retrieve faxes via the network?

Users can send and receive faxes at their desktops. They are able to send a fax to a printer if they need a hard copy or save the file elsewhere. We do have limits on the fax capacity so we will need to survey our users to find out how many are interested in utilizing the fax features.

How do I create my greetings?

When you access your new CallXpress voicemail box for the very first time you will be prompted by the system to record your name, personal greeting and to change your security code.

Why aren't callers hearing my personal greeting?

CallXpress plays a "busy greeting" when you are on the telephone. If you have not recorded a busy greeting then CallXpress plays a system greeting.

Can I have multiple outgoing messages on my voicemail?

Yes. A voice mailbox has three possible greetings. The greeting recorded in the setup tutorial, the Standard Greeting, plays when the telephone is not busy but the call goes to voicemail. A Busy Greeting plays to callers when the telephone is busy with another call. An Out-of-Office Greeting, when activated, plays for all calls.

Is there a monthly cost for using CallXpress?

Voicemail service is included with any campus phone extension for no extra charge. Users receive a voice mailbox accessible through the phone, the web, or email clients.

There are some features that we have the option of adding at a later date which may need to have a separate fee associated with them because they are charged to us on a per license basis. We are exploring these optional features such as Text-to-Speech and Find-Me-Follow-Me.

If I delete a voicemail on my phone, will it be still accessible from online with Web PhoneManager?

No, once a message is deleted through the telephone interface and you hang up, the message is deleted from the system.

When I check a voicemail in my email client, is it in a text format?

Voicemail messages appear as an attached WAV file.

Further Resources

For more information about using voicemail, contact Telecommunication Systems.

For all other issues, you can also contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.