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Software Locations

To use any of the software listed below, use the table to determine which classroom or lab it's installed in, and simply sign on to a computer in that location using your Odin account.


There are two types of locations in the table below:

  • High-tech classrooms: These refer to any centrally-scheduled classroom containing a podium and a projector.
  • Computing classrooms & labs: These refer to instructional computing classrooms or OIT-supported labs. Software that is marked as being available in this category is installed in every computing classroom and lab, unless otherwise noted (e.g. "CH001 Only" means that Cramer Hall 1 is the only room where the software is installed). Note: UNST refers to the University Studies program's Freshman and Sophomore Inquiry (FRINQ and SINQ) classroom labs.

Campus Software List


General Classrooms

Computing Classrooms & Labs

Operating System

Program/Suite Titles Instructor Podium & Projector ICC, NH461/465, ML115, ML220, BHB226, CH001, UNST, URBN Mac OS X, Windows
Adobe Design Standard CS6   All but URBN Mac OS X, Windows
Adobe Premiere   Select BHB225/226 Mac OS X
Aleks Plug-in All All Windows
ArcGIS Desktop 10.3   All Windows
ATLAS.ti 7.0   NH461/465, URBN Windows
Audacity 2.0 All All Windows
Calibre   All but URBN Mac OS X
ClassAction Toolbox   All but URBN Windows
CLEA Astronomy Pack   All but URBN Windows
DoulosSIL 4.110 All All Windows
Exelis ENVI 5.2   CH469/475, URBN Windows
Final Cut Pro   CH166, BHB225 only (select workstations) Mac OS X
Fragstats 4.2   URBN Only Windows
Geochemist's Workbench 9.0.3   CH001 Only Windows
GeoGebra 4.4   NH096 Only Windows
Google Chrome All All Mac OS X, Windows
Google Earth 7 All All Mac OS X, Windows
GME 0.7.21   URBN Only Windows
GPower 3.1.6   NH439 Only Windows
HLM 7   URBN Only Windows
i-Tree Suite 5   URBN Only Windows
Kurzweil 3000
All Mac OS X, Windows
Mathcad 15 All All Windows
Matlab 2015b   All but URBN Windows
Microsoft Office 2011   All Mac OS X
Microsoft Office 2013 All All Windows
Microsoft Photostory 3   All but URBN Windows
Minitab 17 All All Windows
NetLogo 5.0.4   CH001, URBN Windows
Notepad++ All All but URBN Windows
OpenGeoDa 1.2   URBN Only Windows
Oxygen   All but URBN Mac OS X
PuTTY 0.62 All All Windows
Python 3.1 All All Windows
QMS Eviews 7 All All Windows
ReadOutLoud 6 All All Windows
R-Stat All NH ICC Labs, BHB225 Windows
R-Studio   NH 437/439, BHB 225/226 Windows
SAS 9.4   BHB226 Windows
Sigil   All but URBN Mac OS X
SketchUp 8   URBN Only Windows
SPSS Amos 19 All All Windows
SPSS Statistics 23 All Windows - All
Mac OS X - NH446 Only
Mac OS X, Windows
StarLogo 2.22   URBN Only Windows
TextWrangler   All Mac OS X
Tinn-R All All Windows
TMH WaveSurfer 1.8.8   All but URBN Windows
TurningPoint 5.1.0 All   Windows
VLC Player 2.0.7 All All Mac OS X, Windows

Further Resources

If you are an instructor and require software to be installed in a classroom or lab, you can fill out a Lab & Classroom Software Request Form.

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.