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Routing Office Calls to Home/Cell

There are two different routing options available to you at PSU. Extension to Cellular (EC500) is a solution allowing PSU office phone calls to be routed automatically to cellular or home phones. The Extend Call feature is used to transfer calls between an office phone and cell phone, when you need to move from one to the other and take the call with you.

Routing Your Calls with Extension to Cellular

Extension to Cellular (EC500) Overview

This solution makes it easier to conduct business with a PSU office phone, regardless of physical location. This solution can be turned on and off via a programmed button on an office phone, or by dialing remotely using a PSU feature access phone number.

When this feature is active, all calls to the PSU extension will ring both on a cell phone and at the PSU office phone. If a call is not answered before the number rings an extension is programmed to send calls to voicemail, the call will be sent to the PSU voice mailbox. If the cell phone sends calls to voicemail in fewer rings, it will do so first.

Calls can be transferred between the two phones when necessary. For example, if EC500 is enabled and a call is answered on the office phone and needs to continue but you want to leave the office; the call can be transferred to your cell phone with an Extend Call button programmed on the office phone.

Please Note: EC500 is only compatible with some PSU phone sets. Please be sure to include your current phone information when requesting assistance with EC500.

Enabling/Disabling EC500 from your Office Phone

  • To enable EC500, press the feature button on your phone set labeled EC500.
  • To disable EC500, press the same EC500 button on your phone set.

Enabling/Disabling EC500 from Other Locations

  1. Dial the EC500 access number (503) 725-8353.
  2. Dial feature access code (#95 to turn ON or #96 to turn OFF)
  3. Dial your extension (5XXXX), followed by #.
  4. Dial your extension password (set when EC500 is programmed), followed by #. You will hear a confirmation stutter-tone.
  5. Hang up to end the call.

Please Note: You will not hear confirmation sounds while you are dialing the commands, this is not a mistake. Please listen for the confirmation tone at the end of the process.

Routing Your Calls with Extend Call

Extend Call Overview

The Extend Call feature is used to transfer calls between an office phone and cell phone. For example, a call to your office phone is answered on your cell phone while away from your desk. Once back in the office the call needs to continue so it is transferred to your office phone.

Transfer from Office Phone to Cell Phone:

  1. Press the Extend Call button on your office phone.
  2. You are now conferenced into the existing call.
  3. Hang up the call on your office phone.

Transfer from Cell Phone to Office Phone:

  1. Press the button next to the active call on your office phone.
  2. You are now conferenced into the existing call.
  3. Hang up the call on your cell phone.

Further Resources

Extension to Cellular FAQ

  • How does EC500 interact with the voice mail on my personal phone?
    • If you have EC500 enabled, any calls to your office extension will be picked up by the voicemail with the fewest numbers of rings. For example, if your personal number sends calls to voicemail after 4 rings, and your office extension sends calls to voicemail after 6 rings, then ALL of your calls from your office number will be picked up by your personal voice mail, rather than your office voice mail. If your cell phone is out of service, has no reception, or cannot receive a call for any reason, all calls forwarded to it will go to your personal voice mail automatically. If EC500 is turned off, your voice mail systems will work as they normally do.
  • When I call a campus extension from my cell phone what will the caller ID show?
    • With EC500 enabled or disabled, all calls to PSU telephones with caller ID displays will show your campus extension's caller ID.
  • After enabling or disabling EC500, I hear a siren or error tone and not a confirmation tone. What should I do?
    • Hang up, verify the numbers and codes you are dialing, and try the process again. If you receive the same siren/error tone, contact Telecommunication Systems.
  • Calls in process are being lost, what can I do?
    • Make sure that your cell phone has full service and is connected to the mobile network. If this problem continues, and the issue is not with your cell phone's ability to receive calls, contact Telecommunication Systems.
  • I am not receiving my incoming office calls through EC500, what's the problem?
    • Make sure that your office phone set is not set to Send All Calls (SAC), as this means all incoming calls are routed directly to your office voice mailbox. Either toggle the SAC feature off on your office phone set or pick up your office phone and dial #88 to deactivate the feature.
    • Make sure your cell phone is on, in service, and fully functional.
    • Make sure that EC500 is enabled.

If you are having technical issues or need assistance with EC500, please contact Telecommunication Systems.

You can also contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.