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PSU Printing Overview

This page contains information regarding Portland State University's printing services.

Printing at PSU

Print Quotas

Student printing at PSU is regulated by printing quotas. All students are allocated 500 pages per term. This 500 page quota does not carry over to subsequent academic terms; it resets at the beginning of each term. To keep track of your remaining quota and overage charges, visit (Please note that this website is not accessible while at home without using a VPN.)

Students printing over their 500 page per term quota will automatically be billed for the additional printing at $0.025 (2.5 cents) per page. Double-sided pages count as two pages. Color prints count as four pages. Charges are billed to your student account at the end of each term. Users that do not exceed their quota will not incur any charges.

Number of Printed Pages


0 to 500 prints

No Charge

501 and up

$0.025 per page

Sponsored Accounts

Sponsored accounts are created for users who need access to PSU computing resources, but are not enrolled students or regular faculty/staff. These accounts must be created on-site at the Helpdesk.

Users with sponsored accounts have the same 500 page quota, but the process for printing additional pages is different. The cost to reset a Sponsored account print quota to 500 is $25.00, which must be turned in along with a reset form. Sponsored account holders wishing to print beyond 500 pages must:

  1. Fill out the Sponsored Account Print Quota Reset Form.
  2. Bring the form and $25.00 to the Cashier's Office on the first floor of Neuberger Hall.
  3. Receive a receipt from the cashier.
  4. Bring the receipt to the Helpdesk to perform the reset.

Color Printing

Color printing is available in all general access computer labs. The cost is four quota credits per page or $0.10 per page after your quota is depleted. This option is available to PSU students only. Faculty and staff may print in color at the Integrated Digital Support Center (IDSC) for a small fee.

Paper Size

The only allowable print size/paper in the general labs is plain, letter-sized (8 1/2" x 11") paper. Specialty paper may be used in the Integrated Digital Support Center (IDSC) lab in some cases.

Hold and Release Printing

When you submit a document for printing, it is “held” in a queue, rather than being printed immediately. Simply walk up to a Print Release Station, enter your Odin username and either approve or cancel the held print jobs. Your approved print jobs will then be printed. This means fewer trips to the printer, fewer exceeded print quotas, and no more roaming from printer to printer in search of a print request. Hold and release printing is available in all OIT-managed labs and some departmental labs.

Requesting Print Credits for Printing Errors

If your print job experiences an error, such as a printer malfunction, you may request a credit for the pages be applied to your print quota. To do this, submit a Print Refund Request Form. All credits are subject to evaluation. Average response time for these requests is 5 business days.

Further Resources

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.