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PSU Computer Hardware Programs

PSU offers recommendations and a purchasing program to help the campus keep their computer systems modern and current. This makes it easier for PSU faculty and staff to do their job and allows technology teams to service their equipment efficiently.

Renewing PSU Hardware

At this time, the practice of replacing equipment centrally is not possible, as the University no longer allocates resources for centrally managed equipment upgrades.

Previously, equipment upgrades were funded through the use of Certificate of Participation (COPs) bonds, a form of capital investment funding. These bonds were used for University technology investments, including network infrastructure, server infrastructure, and computer replacements. As of FY2011, COPs bonds are no longer secured by the University.

If you are in need of new or replacement equipment, see the Buying PSU Hardware section below.

Buying PSU Hardware

Buying from OIT

The Direct Purchasing Program (DPP) provides PSU departments with a way to purchase in-stock computers from OIT at volume pricing, with a faster delivery time than ordering from a vendor. This method allows faculty and staff to simply submit an index code to OIT and receive their computer within 5 business days after payment has been processed. The DPP is a good option if you need to place a small order for computers with standard configurations. You can find a listing of all standard configurations on the Recommended Computer Hardware page.

Buying from a Vendor

You also have the option of requesting that OIT obtain a quote from a vendor for your purchase request. Because OIT has agreements in place with vendors to receive volume pricing, this is the best option if you need a non-standard system or a large order. OIT will also evaluate your purchase request to ensure that your computer will meet your needs and be fully compatible with PSU systems.

After obtaining a quote from the vendor on your behalf, OIT will provide you with reference number for the quote and a point of contact to place your order. When you receive your order (usually 1-2 weeks shipping time), OIT will need to configure your systems. You have the option of either bringing your order to the Helpdesk or calling to have it picked up. It typically takes 5-7 business days for the Helpdesk to configure your systems.

Submitting a Purchase Request

To request a purchase of computer hardware, submit the Hardware Purchase Request Form and OIT will respond to you as soon as possible.

Further Resources

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.