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Planning A/V for an Onstage Main Event

Successful events are the result of good planning. The Campus Audio Visual Event Team (CAVET) will help you with the process of planning and executing your events. The pre-planning phase lays the foundation for your success. Pre-planning includes tech rehearsals, determining tasks to be performed, and prescribing roles for individuals who will perform those tasks. To bring all of these things together, you will need to create a run of show document and draw out a floor plan.

Pre-planning an Event

Follow the pre-planning guidelines below to arrange tech rehearsals, determine tasks and roles, create a run of show document, and create a floor plan. By following these guidelines, you are setting the stage for your event's success.

  1. Schedule a tech rehearsal.
    Tech rehearsals are an opportunity to run through your program material with our team and determine how your content will look during your event. Keep the following things in mind when arranging a tech rehearsal:
    • You must request a tech rehearsal with a CAVET staff member at least three weeks in advance of your scheduled event. The amount of time necessary for the tech rehearsal will be unique for each program.
    • You are responsible for booking the location where the tech rehearsal will take place. Tech rehearsals must take place in the same location where the event will occur.
    • You are responsible for bringing all of your program material and related playback devices to the tech rehearsal in advance of the event.
  2. Prescribed roles and tasks are required.
    You are solely responsible for running your own program material; this includes activities such as advancing slides or activating music cues. CAVET technicians are primarily onsite to support proper operation of the reserved A/V Equipment.

    If you need someone to assist with a specific role, request a CAVET technician to fill that role at least a week in advance. Possible roles include equipment technician, content management, sound engineer, videographer, or lighting technician. This person can only be responsible for their prescribed role.

  3. Create a "run of show" document.
    The run of show is a timeline document that outlines details related to your event, such as when organizers will arrive on the day of the event, when A/V equipment needs to be set up, the time when the public will enter the venue, etc. You may find it helpful to view a Run of Show Example.

    The ability of our team to meet your expectations is dependent on our receipt of your printed and finalized run of show a minimum of 3 business days prior to your event. Failure to produce a run of show will inhibit our ability to fully support your event's A/V needs.

  4. Provide us with a floor plan.
    If you have a specific place you want our A/V equipment to go, we need to know about it. If you are unsure, we are happy to sit down with you and let you know what our space requirements are. If you have scheduled a band to play, send us a stage plot, tech rider, and/or list of instruments.

Further Resources

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