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OnBase Web Client Guide

The OnBase Web Client is a web browser application for using OnBase. While it does not provide all the features of the OnBase Unity Client, it is a quick and convenient way to use OnBase.

Opening the Web Client

  1. Open a supported browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox ESR, or Safari).
  2. Go to the website
    • If you are using a computer that is off-campus, you will be asked to click the Confirm security exception button. (Your web browser will only have you do this the first time you log in.)
  3. If you are asked, enter your Odin username and Odin password, then press Login.

Searching for Documents

  1. Select Document Retrieval.
  2. Select Custom Queries.
    Note: Custom Queries are a feature of OnBase that allows you to easily search for documents across various document type groups based on a common keyword.
  3. Select the Custom Query you want to run.
  4. Fill out the required fields (such as date range or PSU ID number) and press the Search button below.

Opening Documents

If your query contains documents they will be listed in the top right side of the screen.

  1. Locate the document you want to view.
  2. Double click the document to open it.

Further Resources


Visit OnBase Web Client Training to learn more about using the web client.


If you were not able to open the web client as described in the directions above, try these tips.

  • If you are using Firefox and have browser issues, try Internet Explorer, and vice versa.
  • Firefox ESR 31 is the only version of Firefox that works with OnBase. If you are on a PSU desktop computer and do not have Firefox ESR 31, you may install it by using Self Service Software. Alternatively, you can download it from the Firefox Extended Support Release download page.

Email for additional assistance.